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MIll City Renaissance

The Mill City Renaissance project envisioned by ICDC is a mixed­use development designed to be a center of commerce, business, education, and recreation for the local community that is also a new Dallas destination – a venue for the greater community.

A primary planning goal is to create the feel of an open pedestrian marketplace that interacts with the surrounding community by massing buildings and orienting green spaces in ways that encourage neighborly interaction and outdoor activities.

This mixed­-use development will include areas for single­family housing, commercial retail, workplace training, business development, and community events.


Mill City Neighborhood Homes is part of a “model community” which consist of single family homes, retail development, small business training and development, and urban open-­space.

Mill City Town Center

Mill City Retail Center

Within the Town Center, the Mill City Retail Center is located across from the single family homes on Spring Ave.. Plans are to create a 14,000 sq. ft. neighborhood retail center. This new retail development will provide needed, accessible services to the residents of the nearby Fair Park neighborhoods.

CHILDREN’S Health Pediatric Group (formerly My Children’s)

My Children's Health Clinic

ICDC  built and owns the 6,000 sq.ft. Mill City Primary Care Office operated as Children’s Health Pediatric Group which is a part of Children’s Health System of Texas. My Children’s expands into Fair Park Community/Mill City

Grand Plaza Retail Center

Grand Plaza Retail Center

Grand Plaza Retail Center is a 26,222 sq. ft. commercial development, located on Al Lipscomb Way in the heart of the South Dallas/Fair Park community.  ICDC’s first major  economic development initiative, the acquisition of the Grand Plaza Retail Center in 1987 represented a direct means of addressing the negative impact many alcohol­-related businesses and pawnshops were having on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Thanks in part to a grant in 1987 from the Meadows Foundation, ICDC was able to move quickly to address significant deferred maintenance issues and make necessary improvements.  The beneficial results to the surrounding community have been steadily realized.


4907 Spring Ave Office Building

ICDC built and owns a 21,000 sq. ft. two-­story office complex, Spring Plaza Office Complex.  Spring Plaza Office Complex is the home and headquarters of ICDC and includes retail and office space, business incubator and emerging local businesses; a classroom facility for teaching and training.


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