An Inside Look at ICDC Programs

Affordable Homes and the Housing Resource Center

ICDC’s Affordable Homes and Housing Resource Center (HRC) provides homebuyer education and financial coaching, builds attractive quality homes and renovates existing homes. Located at the Spring Plaza complex, the HRC is the first step to qualifying for $25,000 downpayment assistance
and owning your own home.

Business Assistance Center 
Since 1994 the Business Assistance Center (BAC) of ICDC has served as a resource center, supporting the successful growth of start-up and existing small businesses. In addition to providing technical, regulatory and financial information, the BAC provides spacious offices to incubator tenants housed at the Spring Plaza Complex.

Community Education & Advocacy

The goal of ICDC’s Community Education Program is to engage the community and address¬†neighborhood concerns and issues, helping facilitate solutions and opportunities that enhance the dynamics and quality of life in South Dallas.

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