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Homebuyer Counseling and Education

ICDC offers group and one-­on­-one counseling to help prospective homebuyers to become homeowners.

ICDC walks hand in hand with our clients through the home buying process – from pre­qualifying, to the mortgage application, all the way through closing and beyond.


Pre Purchase Counseling – Provides one on one counseling – from pre­qualifying, to the mortgage application, all the way through the closing process.

Post Purchase Counseling – ICDC establishes a relationship with “our” homeowners to promote long term homeownership by empowering homeowners with knowledge of budgeting, foreclosure prevention, taxes, and homestead exemption, warranty items, code issues, etc.

Credit Counseling and Restoration – Empowers the client to take control of their financial situation, and better understand their spending habits, credit and basic banking.

Assistance with Down Payment – With the help of ICDCs’ partners, we are able to provide down payment assistance if the client qualifies and if money is available.

Financial Literacy & Personal Financial Coaching – ICDC promotes credit accountability by educating clients on how to: establish credit, understand credit reports, be a responsible borrower and negotiate credit blemishes.

Homebuyer Education Class – Provides group education on such topics as budgeting, credit, choosing the right lender, lender document review, the overall mortgage experience, and how to successfully address neighborhood issues.


ICDC is a non­profit 501(c)3 organization; your donations are tax-deductible.
Current Form 990 is available upon request.