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Incubator Admission Policy

The Innercity Community Development Corporation Business Incubator recognizes the necessity for criteria governing the admittance of business entities into the ICDC incubator program.  Outlined below are criteria in addition to regulations as set forth in the leasing and occupancy agreement for the Business Incubator:

● Business will be a for­profit., legitimate, legal entity conducting business and provide the appropriate documentation.

● Business applying for incubator space shall be upstart company not more than two (2) years old, unless previously classified as a home based business.

● Business must apply for incubator space using the Business Incubator application.

● Business must have a complete business plan prior to or within six (6) months of admission.

● Principal  must be 18 years of age or older.  Principals must be U.S. Citizens or legal aliens.

● Business must be in compliance with the guidelines and policies as set forth by the ICDC Business Incubator policy, including but not limited to: supplying the necessary documentation and reporting for job creation/retention, increased sales, loan acquisition, etc.

● Business must agree to receive business counseling/one­on­one technical assistance and participate in a minimum of three (3) business training workshops per year.

● Business  must be compatible with the current incubator configuration as physical and use constraints dictate.