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Founded in 1986, South Dallas Fair Park Innercity Community Development Corporation, known as ICDC is a 501(c) (3) community based development corporation serving the needs of the South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhoods.  Our programs focus on homeownership and economic development under the umbrella of holistic community development.


To create a stable, safe and vibrant South Dallas/Fair Park community by building partnerships that provide homeownership opportunities, job training, economic development, community education and advocacy.

Pictured above: Spring  Plaza Office Complex ­- ICDC Headquarters


During the early 80’s, there was an abundance of incompatible land uses throughout South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhoods.  Residents were concerned with the deterioration of their community. At that time, then Councilwoman Diane Ragsdale, the visionary founder of South Dallas Fair Park Innercity Community Development Corporation (ICDC), appointed a Land Use Committee (LUC), of residents and members of the local business community to address the absence of urban planning within South Dallas Fair Park.  These neighborhood activists helped the community to understand that land use planning is an essential component of neighborhood revitalization.  The activism of the Land Use Committee (LUC) led to the creation and development of ICDC.


1987 – Acquired, revitalized and changed the tenant mix of Grand Plaza retail center to address concerns about the number of unfriendly family oriented businesses such as liquor stores and pawnshop that were clustered within the Grand Plaza retail center.  This 26,000 sq. ft. retail center is located on 3100 block Al Lipscomb Way.

1989 – Established an Affordable Homeownership Center.  ICDC has built over 250 single family homes for low to moderate income families, to help stabilize families, build wealth and revitalize South Dallas/Fair Park.

1994 – ICDC established a Business Incubator, formerly the Business Assistance Center, to provide business coaching and incubator office spaces. ICDC has supported over 500 business clients and created more than 170 jobs.

2000 – ICDC developed and built Spring Plaza Office Complex.  Spring Plaza Office Complex, a 21,000 sq. ft. (two­-story), is the home of ICDC and includes a family dental clinic, a laundromat, and other retail and office spaces.

2003 – ICDC established a Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP).  The program was strategically designed to encourage entrepreneurship as a career option for Dallas Independent School District (DISD) students. The program also integrated an award-winning national financial literacy curriculum.

2005 – ICDC successfully advocated for Mill City, a South Dallas Fair Park neighborhood, to be designated as part of the South Dallas/Greater Fair Park Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP). This resulted in the City of Dallas committing $3.9 Million to the Mill City neighborhood.

2008 – ICDC spearheaded Master Planning for the Mill City Renaissance and facilitated  implementation of the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP). The Plan and NIP resulted in the development of Frazier Courtyard Homes, scattered site infill homes, public infrastructure improvements of Spring Ave., Troy, Benton, Brasher and Elsie Faye Heggins St. These improvements included new streets, sidewalks, streetscapes and public utilities.

2009–2012 – Acquired, demolished and remediated 41 blighted properties for commercial development for neighborhood serving retail.

2013 – As owner, ICDC developed the Mill City primary care office operated as Children’s Health Pediatric Group as a  part of Children’s Health  System of Texas.

2015 – ICDC partners with Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) to create a work­place training center in Mill City. The partnership is designed to increase and provide access to employment opportunities.

2016 to present – Completion of the Mill City Town Center development.

ICDC is a non­profit 501(c)3 organization; your donations are tax-deductible.
Current Form 990 is available upon request.