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“ICDC’s and Diane Ragsdale’s commitment to building lives in the South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhood goes beyond words. A lot more than tearing down blight, ICDC has provided affordable homeownership and economic development opportunities, reaching deep into the lives of community members. ICDC plays an instrumental role in revitalizing this community and the city is proud to partner with them.”
~ Mayor Mike Rawlings, April 2012

“I am honored to be a client of the ICDC Business Resource Center Incubator.  The Business Resource Center has provided me with business  coaching and incubator  space. The training and  space  has  become  a  highlight  for  me  –  it  has  helped  me  to  get  to  the  next  level  in  my business. ICDC Business Resource Center is doing a great job and service to the community! Thank You ICDC for this opportunity.”
~Charlie Alexander, Business Owner, A’s Dental Services

“ICDC Business Resource Center was key to opening my own business, Brook & Jones Legal Services.  I was able to make the move from freelance to business owner.  ICDC’s Business Coaches  have  been  invaluable.  Through  the  BAC  incubator,  I  was  able  to  sign  a  lease agreement  and  secure  office  space  I  needed  to  make  my  business  official.  Through  ICDC  I have the opportunity to better my business, my family and my life.”
~ LaDrina Jones, Business Owner, Brook & Jones Legal Services

“As strange as it might sound, my Dad taught me everything I know about how to work cement. After  my  Dad  died  in  2007,  I  ran  Lofton  Cement  for  several years  before  I  found  ICDC’s Business Resource Center.  The  things  I  have  learned  from  ICDC’s  business  coach, Coretta Turner, have turned our company around.  She helped us build a website, compute my taxes, and manage my employees.  As a result, we have more customers and my profit margin has increased.  Since  working  with  ICDC’s  Business  Resource  Center,  my  perspective  has changed.  It  has  given  me  a  positive  outlook.  Now  I  know  I  can  do  the  job  and  grow  my business.”
~  Ron Loftin, Business Owner, Lofton Cement

“I was very fortunate to find an organization like ICDC.  ICDC worked diligently with me to help resolve my credit issues.  They provided ongoing support and classes to educate me on the home buying process.  I now have a safe, roomy and beautiful place for my grandchildren.
 ~ Shelia White, Proud Homeowner

“ICDC helped me and my family in a major way by getting us into a spacious new home.  They helped me repair my credit and manage my finances.  I also qualified for the $20,000 that was offered by the City of Dallas to help me with the purchase.  My family and I love our new home at Pittman Place.”
~ Tasha Steele, Proud Homeowner